The conference "Civic participation in EU at a time of distrust"

The center will take part in the fourth event Docpie Project, in the quality of partner organization.

The 4th event of the project DOCPIE will be organized in Ljubljana and  Šmartno pri Litiji on 24th September 2015. The event will hold on four activities: international conference, workshop training for applications on calls for Europe for Citizens program, promotional events of DOCPIE at the LUPA fair and international evening.

On International conference in the framework of event “CIVIL SOCIETY OPEN UNIVERSITY” we will present the possibilities of democratic participation and search for effective methods and ways to promote citizen involvement in decision-making processes at the level of the European Union.

On workshop training, participant will learn about possibilities of financing projects within the framework of EU projects in particular Europe for Citizens program and successful projects under Strand 2 - Democratic engagement and civic participation (actions: twinning; networks of towns; civil society projects). Participants will learn several methods which they could use for promoting citizens democratic participation, preparation of projects with innovative methods and approaches for building international partnerships.

 Promotional events of DOCPIE at the LUPA fair for encouraging citizens to be aware of the rights, which we have as a members the European Union. LUPA festival is a traditional fair; presentation of Slovenian NGO's which connects around one million people across Slovenia that occurred at Citizens Participation Week.