CRLDS Albania in cooperation with Vlora Youth Centre

CRLDS Albania in cooperation with Vlora Youth Centre, organised, yesterday, dated 09.15.2015, in Vlora, under the project Docpie, an local activity with the theme: "Active Citizenship and Education of Volunteering". Docpie Project is a project funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme. This project unites 15 partner organizations, universities and associations from 13 European countries. CRLDs Albania is a partner in this project. After the presentation of Dr. Luiza Hoxhaj,  we had active discussion with the participants on the subject in reference. Young's brought, also, their experiences, success stories were told, needs to expand and promote volunteerism. Interventions of Mr. Ilir Nika, Executive Director of Vlora Youth Centre helped in guiding the discussion on local terrain.

It also highlighted the need of the clear access to a model of volunteering.