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The center organized on 20-22 / 04/2015 three-day seminar with the theme: “Promoting the capacity of TVET training institutions to offer ALMM target in the development initiatives of the regional chain of values"

The event was held in Hotel Doro City in Tirana.

Education and training is an effective tool in improving the quality of life of citizens and human capacity building, responding to the challenges of socio-economic development to achieve sustainable stability and economic growth. Many academic programs should be designed with fikus development of lifelong learning. They should provide international education and vocational training adapted to the requirements of the country. Leaving many higher education institutions are under pressure to review and adapt their missions in the wake of profiling and differentiation of their programs. It is interesting to consider the issues that institutions such as higher education and public respond to rapid change in the labor market, what impact do they have on the economy and how they cope with the current crisis. What is the role of the system of secondary and higher education and vocational training that employment and what role they play in developing e "commencement of the general.

How have your answer to these questions and that as a development center will be helpful to assist the operators in the market, learning and perfecting tye were the subject of works during three days of our Workshop, which is the fifth in series of workshops for capacity building of the training staff.