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The third Conference in Albania of EAR-AER and CRLDS Albania.

13 October 2016, in Berat

The fourth day of the facts mission in Albania brought the team of the EAR EAR and of the CRLDS Albania in Berat, a historic city of some 45,000 people that has suffered a huge positive change of image in recent years and trying to fully utilize assets its tourist.

The team was received at the premises of the Prefect of Berat. The audience consisted of the staff of Council of Qark , of the staff of the Municipality and the staf of Prefect, of Regional Directory of Education, Cordinator of Regional Agency of Development ect.

Mrs. Luiza Hoxhaj, in his opening remarks spoke about the objectives of the fact-finding mission and identification of problems of regional development in Albania in general and the goals of the meeting of Berat in particular. She spoke, too, for the objectives of the meeting, why this meeting has been conceived with the following composition, role of stakeholders in this meeting on the development of the territory and the reasons why the EAR EAR is present in Albania as and presented the agenda of the meeting.

At the meeting, senior representatives of the EAR EAR (Board of Directors of the Academy) held three presentations:

Mr.Neacsu presented CRLDS Center as its official partner and Ms. Luiza Hoxhaj as the representative of EAR-AER in Albania and other countries in the region (Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also Mr. Neascu presented EAR EAR, objectives, composition, mission and so far the EAR EAR . He emphasized the role that AER AER can play as a trainer of trainers in EU funds for projects for cross-border projects as partner and coach for editing the proposals in the context of a call for proposals.

Ms. Oncioiu has provided some concrete examples of the realization of public works in her home town of Constanta, with benefits for residents, local businesses, as well as attracting tourists. She also insisted on the fact that significant funds are already available for Albania in the pre-accession and the best proposals should be adapted specifically to the thinking in order to be eligible for EU funding. She also insisted that at this stage of pre-access local financial contribution to all proposals are quite limited.

Mayors and councilors present reacted with great enthusiasm to the proposal for cooperation, and provided that the EAR EAR and her partner CRLDS would refer to training sessions on EU subsidies or coach to write proposals.

Mr.Delcart ended after briefly explaining the philosophy of the approach by emphasizing the success of the elastic regions. Resilience lies mainly in cooperation between the parties, the authorities for coordinating and attracting funding, civil society suggestions bottom-up fill in the need of local residents, larger businesses in their search for evaluation and fulfillment of good citizenship and universities and technical colleges and research role and the role of their educational opportunities.