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Open lecture in school "Dude Karbunara Baba", Berat "Entrepreneurship, a Driving Force in Developing Economy".

After meeting with local stakeholders, whose activity has an impact on local and regional economic development, representatives of EAR-EAR and CRLDS Z,  moved into the premises of the High school "Dude Karbunara Baba", where they were welcomed by the director of the gymnasium Z., who made an excellent summary of the results of this elite school  in the national level. He expressed the before the delegation his satisfaction for the presence in the gymnasium and expressed willingness to host events of this nature, as well as for the student exchanges, experiences and experiences with their European counterparts.

Mr.Delcart was then invited to give a lecture to students of the last year of high school "Babe Dude Karbunara" in the center of Berat about the entrepreneurship. He was accompanied in this event by Mrs. Luiza Hoxhaj. The two teachers (one English and IT) and 42 students attended the lecture on the interesting topic: "Entrepreneurship, a Driving Force in Developing Economy".

During and after the lecture, the students and the lecturer was involved in a very lively interaction between them in connection with the new European opportunities for education and their role in the development of new businesses and to meet the needs of the new society. Sharing of ideas went smoothly thanks to the excellent mastery of English by Albanian younger generation.