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Post Forum 2017: "Opportunities for applying talent in Albania"

CRLDS Albania focuses on young people's investment, as well as cooperation with youth centers, universities or other actors.

Post Forum 2017 have been an special event on the topic: "Opportunities for applying talent in Albania, benefits from state administrations and foreign funds" by Dr. Evis Pano, held for two days on 26 and 27 January 2018. There were attended by 42 young and new activists of the Vlorë Regional Youth Center, pupils from secondary schools, civil society and leaders of these education institutions. The event was held in the premises of the Vlora Regional Youth Center. Thank you Dr. Evis Pano for the lecture and quality training. Our thanks also go to the youth center and its staff, to the hospitality of the event and our staff to facilitate it. Of course, a special thanks goes to all the participants.

Following are two days of the event in images: