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Promoting youth employment in the sectors of regional investment

Center, in collaboration with international coach z.Manfred Theodor ZIEWERS, held on 26-27 February 2014 in Hotel Sokratis, Tirana, the workshop:

"Promoting youth employment in regional investment sectors".

This seminar was organized in the framework of fulfillment of one of the priorities of the Centre in its Strategy for the period 2014-2016: Increasing the capacity of the staff and associates of the Centre. As such seminar was addressed, staff and associates of the Centre and some of its partner organizations: Regional Development Agency Vlora, Vlore Office of Employment and Young Professionals Club.

Why this topic?

  In general, the competition has significant impact on the world of work -On products and processes, organizational assets, organization of work and finally in economic geography. In this context, investors, especially those from abroad, have specific requirements regarding the preferred business location, including human resources available in the respective territory. In this context, the role of an organization, which promotes regional development policy is to facilitate the matching of demand and supply of employment by establishing appropriate activities, specifically, to see how much and how young people are interested. Referring to the Regional Development Strategy (ongoing), the seminar discussed strategies for youth employment, the Advocacy, systematic approaches, social dialogue and public - private partnerships and, finally, refer some examples of best practices from Germany to promote youth employment and investment sectors.

The seminar was conducted with a high level of training materials and high quality coach who developed it. In these conditions the seminar, based on the evaluation of the participants and the trainers realize its objectives which were:

  • Strengthen the professional capacity of the staff of the center and its associates.
  • Increase the effectiveness of personnel that promotes youth employment.
  • Increase the interest of young people for employment in the sectors of regional investment, in its best opportunities of promotion, as well as a better access to information.

Based on the quality and didactic offer a train- ing modules that staff of the Center already has a new look on these topics. Theoretical and practical materials to treat him as well as best practices referred to a developed country like Germany, are useful and usable in our daily activities, both in the research of the Centre or even the creation and dissemination of knowledge, in regional level.

Based on this new view, based on the European Directive as well as our heritage was laid back in this workshop several milestones for our research work in this field or for recommendations, that we can give, after a proper work study regarding the creation of Educational Frammwork and political face of each application in the context of regional or even the decentralization of such activities.

Development of the seminar coincided with the introduction of the Employment Strategy for the period 2014-2020 by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, the 02/26/2014.

What we intend in the future, based on yardsticks forward in this workshop is: Deepening the relevant theories, deepening the European directive and integrated approach to this problem.

This workshop is offered free of charge to our Centre of trainers Lord Manfred Theodor ZIEWERS (ZIEWERS CV). For this reason, our thanks goes to his address.

Thanks also to the participants in this seminar and partner organizations and institutions.