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The Role of Social Partners in the establishment of the National Qualifications Framework for TVET / Lifelong Learning

Center organized on 19-20 December 2014 in Hotel Socrates, Tirana seminar on "Role of Social Partners in the establishment of the National Qualifications Framework for TVET / lifelong learning".

In the event attended from a member of staff of the Center, its associates, representatives of public structures which cover issues of lifelong learning, as well as representatives of trade unions.

The training was conducted by international coach Manfred ZIEWERS, which, in the section: Capacity building, is completing a full cycle of training for staff of the Centre. Workshop Facilitator and presenter of the National Framework of Education in Albania, was Luiza Hoxhaj.

Many activities of the center are designed to focus the development of lifelong learning. They offer international professional training adapted to the requirements of the country. Such is also the workshop. During his two-day addressed issues such as:

  •  how higher education institutions, public and respond to rapidly changing labor market,
  •  What impact do they have on the economy and how they cope with the current crisis.
  •  What is the role of the system of secondary education and higher education and the professional training in employment and what role they play in the overall development.

How to answer these questions, was the focus of the work during the two days of our seminar. Lisbon Strategy was an important reference for the workshop, when it marks a significant turning point in Community policies for higher education and vocational training. This strategy summarizes the results of a large number of contributors to find a suitable organic formula.