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Time: 18/01/2017 10:00 – 14:00 a clock

Venue: Hotel Doro City, Tirana

Workshop on the topic:  "FROM DESIGN THINKING TO TANGIBLE CHANGE: AVOIDING DEAD-END INNOVATION BY INVESTING IN THE FUZZY FRONT-END". , is organized by CRLDS Albania and helded by Steinar - Valade Amlande, THREE POINT ZERO, Denmark. 

The workshop: addressing to anyone in charge of or engaged in development of products, services or initiatives – public or private – and which focuses on how design thinking can contribute to better results ;

This workshop, based on active participation by attendants,  introduced the participants to the correlation between the activities undertaken in the early phases of a development project and the likelihood of delivering change or solutions, which will be embraced by the users or the market. During the workshop, the participant have been time to discuss and work with:

  • Asking the right questions, understanding, framing and re-framing the challenge at hand
  • Using success indicators to define and continuously audit progress
  • Mapping and developing strategies for stakeholder engagement, conflicts of interest and risk reduction
  • Complexity versus complication
  • Internal and external resources, anchoring and communication
  • Early prototyping and reading the weak signals
  • Scenarios and contextual analysis to ensure coherence and relevance

The work of the workshop was held in English. In this workshop took part 20 participants.